Jarfix 1.2.0

Free tool to fix .jar extensions that have been hijacked by other programs

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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Jarfix is a lightweight program that will ensure proper association between JAR files and Java in Windows.

JAR is a file extension and an abbreviation for Java Archive. In simplistic terms, it is the Java equivalent of an EXE. When you double click an EXE, Windows knows exactly what to do with it to achieve the result you want. When you double click a JAR file, Windows needs to know that it is associated with Java in order to pass that archive over to the Java runtime for execution.

When you install the Java Runtime Environment, it will automatically make that association for you in Windows. Nevertheless, there are many programs that when installed want to transfer that association to them for various reasons. That can be a real hassle since you have to execute the JAR file manually or reconfigure Windows to recognize the association between Java and JAR files.

Jarfix is a lightweight and portable program designed to overcome the symptom if not the problem. Each time a program hijacks the JAR extension, you simply run this program, and it will correct it. The nice thing about Jarfix is that it is very lightweight. It is portable—meaning that it does not require installation—so you can have it on a flash drive. Additionally, it has a very small footprint on disk and in memory. The process is momentary, and then, all traces of Jarfix are gone until you run it again.

This service of file association that Jarfix provides can be achieved in other ways as well. You could, for instance, reinstall or update the Java Runtime Environment. Windows supports file type associations natively, obviously, and it is also possible to set or correct an association within Windows.

Therefore, a problem like Jarfix is not absolutely necessary. Furthermore, if you are experiencing another program or whatever hijacking the JAR extension, then Jarfix only corrects the symptom and not the issue. You should determine the root cause and correct that. Nevertheless, if you are in an environment where this hijacking is just something with which you have to contend, then Jarfix is handy tool to have in your toolbox and available to you on a USB flash drive or similar.


  • Fixes .JAR association
  • Numerous optional parameters


  • Functionality native to Windows

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